Dr. Chan, CEO of PMT invited as a guest by RTHK

In 2011, the Hong Kong team won five grand prizes and nine merits in the Asia-Pacific Information and Communication Technology Association (APICTA) awards.

Of which, PMT’s own extraordinary performance won the awards under the “New Media and Entertainment” and “Start Up Company” categories.

During December, Dr. Leonard Chan, CEO of PMT was invited by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) due to the company’s exceptional performance in the APICTA awards, together with Mr. Fritz Chiu, head of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), to be interviewed in the station’s “Decoding creativity” column to bring insights in how creativity is exercised. 

In the show, Dr. Leonard Chan shared the success path of PMT’s “Maestro DPS” technology. Dr. Chan has a daily passion for reading books and newspapers, however he feels inconvenienced by the need to carry around all his reading materials, so he started to seek ways to lessen his burden by using electronic books.
Due to the increasing popularity of personal electronics such as Apple iPhones, smartphones become a reliable platform for reading electronic materials. Apple’s software stores also provided content providers with options to publish and sell their materials on Apple devices without going through a process with telecomm companies, allowing more room for publishing freedom and revenue margin. When the time was right, Dr. Chan lead his company team into the digital publishing industry. After years of development, PMT has collaborated with numerous large publishers, providing them with electronic publishing solutions while researching on the reading habits and preferences of their readers. 

“Smartphones has small screens, limited the amount of words inside each page. If pages are flipped towards the next at the end, it would take 6 flips on a screen to accommodate the content of one page in a book. To minimize the number of pages flipped, we incorporated a vertical scrolling option in our reading program.” “I also noticed that the urban citizens of today become tired easily when reading, and plain text content is very hard to keep their attention. But then I managed to run into Mr. Ma Wing Shing, who shares and agrees with my idea to incorporate multimedia elements such as images, visuals and audio into the reading material, so we began a collaboration to publish electronic comic books.” The interactive digital comic books with audio and video elements that PMT published is released through the comic con of last year; a comic book format that had not be attempted before by comic enthusiastic countries such as Japan and the US, and it received positive receptions.

“This signifies the creative spirit of Hong Kong people. Hong Kong is the entertainment center in the Asia market, where high freedom and maturity of the entertainment and publishing industry gives little restriction on how electronic books and comics are published; these are our biggest advantages.” Dr. Chan believes that the comic book industry is prospering, and there are numerous chances to try new things.

In the end of the show, Dr. Chan recommends more enthusiastic youthful individuals and groups to participate in the Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology (HKICT) awards, and pour in new life and ideas into the ICT industry.

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