PMT collaborates with Ma-Wing Shing, improving the Hong Kong comics industry

In 2010, PMT and Ma-Wing Shing, a famous Hong Kong comic book artist, collaborated together to ride along the increasing popularity of e-book reading, and created “PMT Netzines”, a digital platform for selling and reading comic books. By using PMT’s technology to publish comic books digitally, readers can read their favourite comics in a very different way. Readers can easily collect and store large numbers of books in their devices such as iPads, and bring it along with them anywhere they go. The “PMT Netzines” platform even incorporates many interactive elements such as sounds and videos in the comic books that PMT publishes, adding a different taste for readers when reading their comics.

“PMT Netzines” also provide publishers with a safeguard to their copyrighted materials, as the comic book reader protects the content inside from being infringed and supporting content providers.  Ma-Wing Shing express great content with this feature, as he believe that copyright infringement is a problem that he had been dealing with during his career.

Today, Ma-Wing Shing’s work can be found on “PMT Netzines”. Download it now!