“Storm Riders Single Issue” and “Storm Riders 2” available in “PMT Netzines”!

In 2010, PMT officially released “Storm Riders Single Issue” on iOS devices. “Storm Riders Single Issue” is a digital artwork album featuring a large collection of stunning artworks from the famous Hong Kong comic book series, “Storm Riders”, created by Hong Kong cartoonist Ma-Wing Shing. “Storm Riders Single Issue” is published through PMT’s Maestro technology, and the collection is packed with numerous interactive elements to make the reading more enjoyable. The album is also the first digital comic book to feature animations and audio within its panels, enhancing the reading experiences for readers and opening a whole new taste to traditional comic book reading.

Another exciting edition of Ma-Wing Shing’s work, “Storm Riders 2” cinematic comic is also released by PMT for the iOS system. “Storm Riders 2” is a comic adaptation of the loved martial arts movie of the same name. The comic is the first collaboration between PMT Digital Publishing and Jonesky Publishing, giving “Storm Riders” fans yet another great experience of their favourite movie.

Both “Storm Riders Single Issue” and “Storm Riders 2” are available exclusively through “PMT Netzines” now!