ATV invites Dr. Leonard Chan to talk about the digital comics industry

“Money Talks” is a long running Hong Kong television show hosted by ATV.

Debuted in 2000, the show talks about the financial and technical aspects of various markets and industries, and inviting speakers from the corresponding industry to give insights on how the industry works.

In 2010, Dr. Leonard Chan, CEO of PMT was invited to share his experiences in “Money Talks”, talking in the show about the inner workings of the digital comic book industry, how it processes the comics and publishing it by digital means.

In addition, Dr. Chan mentioned that PMT’s platform can register individual account information, so that users who purchased a variety of comic books are able to view their collection when switching devices without buying them again, thus protecting their purchases. This provides users with a confidence guarantee and a much larger revenue margin than traditional printing of books for publishers, making it much more profitable and effective than traditional publishing.

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