Hong Kong Computer Society invites Dr. Leonard Chan to talk about the ICT industry

Debuted in 2012, “IT Is Your Ideal Career” is a series of short promotional videos held by the Hong Kong Computer Society as part of its “Information & Communications Technology Personnel Training Program”, to provide information about the current ICT industry towards students in Hong Kong who are interested in the subject, and prompting their interest to enter the industry in the future.

PMT, as an honoured past awards winner in prestigious ICT competitions such as the HKICTA and the APICTA awards, is a company that excels in profound ICT technology. Dr. Leonard Chan, CEO of PMT, was invited to share his expert insights of the field in an episode of “IT Is Your Ideal Career”, where he explained PMT’s “Maestro dps”, an advanced digital publishing technology that could add interactive materials to traditional content and publish content to any user devices.

To watch the “IT Is Your Ideal Career” interview, please click on this link here: