PMT signs Tencent to represent Jin Yong novels in China

Jin Yong (Louis Cha), famous Chinese martial art novelist, authorized Pulse Mediatech Limited (PMT) the exclusive publishing rights for the electronic versions of popular Jin Yong martial arts novels, and overtime became a long-time partner of PMT. Publishing of electronic literature is one of PMT’s core competencies, and the company sold digital copies of the novels in Hong Kong through Handheld Culture, a subsidiary of PMT that is also one of the largest online e-bookstores in Hong Kong.

In 2014, PMT signed Tencent Holdings Limited the rights to publish electronic versions of Jin Yong novels in Mainland China, where electronic copies will be sold under Tencent’s own e-bookstore, Tencent Literature. This decision expanded the market significantly and appealed to the nation-wide fans of these classic books.