CEO Leonard Chan attends Tencent Literature press conference in Beijing

Tencent Literature is one of the subsidiaries of Tencent Holdings Limited; it is an online e-Bookstore that sells electronic copies of various types of literature towards people residing in Mainland China. Pulse Mediatech Limited (PMT) is one of the partners of Tencent Literature. With PMT’s advanced digital publishing technology, the partnership had been beneficial for Tencent Literature.

In 2013, Tencent Literature held a press conference to announce its latest findings and strategies it will use to improve their business. In support of their partners, Dr. Leonard Chan, CEO of PMT, attended a press conference held by Tencent Literature in Beijing.

The press conference covered various methods proposed to improve the quality of distributing literature through the internet towards the readers, and numerous famous Chinese writers and novelists showed up as guests of the conference.

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