QRSite featured in SME 2.6 seminar

Organized by the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF), the SME 2.6 seminar is a conference held to introduce the latest technologies and best practices on information and communications technology (ICT) adoption towards the masses. With the use of social medias, mobile technology and cloud computing, the seminar is able to increase awareness and creating more business opportunities for small to medium enterprises around Hong Kong.

“QRSite”, a digital solution developed by Pulse Mediatech Limited that boasts a wonderful website and web app building content management system (CMS) and QR code utilization for business promotions, gained the privilege of being featured in the SME 2.6 seminar and showcased to many different businesses for opportunity options.

For more information about “QRSite”, please visit: http://info.qrsite.co/index