APICTA 2013 selects PMT's award judging system

In 2013, the Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance (APICTA) held the 13th annual APICTA Awards in Hong Kong, where esteemed technology developers from many Asia Pacific countries gathered to compete for the awards.

Traditionally, the award judging process of APICTA involving recording and calculating results with pen and paper. Pulse Mediatech Limited (PMT), a past winner of the APICTA awards, suggested that the use of electronic methods could enhance the judging process greatly. And to show the spirit towards the ICT industry, PMT designed an award judging system according to APICTA’s judging criteria, and provided over 60 digital tablets for the event, each of them customized with the award judging system for the APICTA judges. The judges used the system and praised it to be detailed, precise and consistent in determining the finalists, and remarked that APICTA will continue to use PMT’s judging system in future events.

“I’m very impressed by the app & how it is synced between judges & yet customized for me.” ~APICTA Judge