PMT selects MediaPro as a QRSite reseller

In April 2014, Pulse Mediatech Limited announced that it will select Media Pro Limited to become an official agent for “QRSite Mobile App”, a powerful web application developed by PMT.

Regarding this partnership, Mr. Sam Hui, one partner of Media Pro, said that selecting "QRSite" is primarily because of the application’s extensive use of QR codes; one of the currently hottest mobile marketing tool, as a medium of online publicity and promotion, and thus providing a complete web and mobile application solution for enterprises; a solution that the industry needs to prosper. In addition, PMT has won numerous awards both locally and internationally in recent years, which gives Mr. Sam Hui full confidence for PMT’s technology and development team.

Media Pro Limited possesses many years of solid experience in brand and product development under its belt, and PMT believes that selecting Media Pro as an agent for “QRSite” will the quickly bring forth the most advanced online marketing methods towards the majority of enterprises, and highly beneficial across industries.