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Pulse Mediatech Limited (PMT) released the "Ai3xue" e-learning solution at 25th of April this year.

The "Ai3xue" solution is a combination of three components: “MaestroEDU”, a system that allows electronic textbook contents to be edited and managed; “JoyReaderEDU”, an open sourced reading platform; and “EducationCloud”, a secure-cloud storage service. The solution is supported by multiple platforms and systems, including iOS, Android, Mac and PC; where users can directly access its functions through their existing mobile devices or computers without the need to purchase any additional equipment. Primarily aimed at the Chinese market, “Ai3xue” offers both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions.

E-education can effectively improve teaching and learning experiences for teachers and students, while textbooks can effectively reduce the economic costs and ease the pressure on the environment as electronic variants gradually replace its paperback counterparts. To maximize the positive role of “Ai3xue”, PMT, together with renowned Hong Kong e-Bookstore Handheld Culture, launched the “Chinese Reading” Scheme, and providing classic books for students to work with in their reading report assignments.

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