CEO Leonard spoke at ICT Career expo

In order to deepen the understanding of the local IT industry and prospects, the Hong Kong Computer Society recently held the "IT Career Expo 2014" at the Hong Kong Productivity Council Building. As Hong Kong’s only Career Expo with information technology as the main focus, this event has attracted over 1500 participants, with more than 30 companies, organizations and institutions exhibiting. Dr. Leonard Chan, CEO of Pulse Mediatech Limited (PMT), attended the event and delivered a speech to share his unique experiences and insights about the ICT industry sectors towards the majority of those participating guests.

The theme of the speech is “Industry Insight on mobile application development”. Aside from Dr. Leonard Chan, participating guests include the IT Manager of Cathay Pacific Airways, and other senior executives of local mobile applications developing companies. The guests conducted discussions regarding the present and future of applications development, as well as the current working conditions of industry workers. The event provided many useful comments towards the enthusiastic visitors in the audience who will soon enter the industry themselves, giving them food for thought about their next step in mobile applications development.