PMT contracts with Xiaomi and Amazon to third party license JinYong novels

PMT, as the only company authorized by Dr. Louis Cha (金庸) with third party distribution rights for the electronic version of Jin Yong’s wuxia novels, proactively promotes Jin Yong novels to Chinese communities around the world, and this time Mainland China. Recently, Amazon Digital Services and Xiaomi Tech, two well-known technology companies, reached an agreement with PMT to officially become the third party to distribute JinYong’s classic wuxia novels on their own platforms in Mainland areas. Among these two, Amazon received the authorization to sell Traditional Chinese version, and Xiaomi is allowed to bring the Simplified Chinese version to the market.

Besides Amazon and Xiaomi, Tencent Literature has also contracted with PMT to distribute Jin Yong wuxia novels in Mainland China earlier this year. As such, readers can purchase and preview genuine JinYong wuxia novels from providers mentioned above.