Leonard Chan

Personal Profile


Leonard Chan is the founder and CEO of Pulse Mediatech Limited (PMT), overseeing the strategic development and product development of the company. Leonard possesses extensive knowledge in various fields of industrial automation systems, online advertising, as well as mobile digital publishing solutions. Before founding PMT, Leonard serves as the chairman of the board in two Hong Kong listed companies (493.SEHK and 8192.SEHK). Currently, Leonard serves as non-executive director of Aurum Pacific (China) Group Limited (8148.SEHK).


Leonard Chan is a US patent holder credited by developing a technology capable of converting previously unusable embroidery data from data tapes into editable computer files, thus reducing the costs from the need to reproducing the same data.


In 2008, Leonard Chan won the 12th Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Subsequently in 2011, Leonard and his digital publishing team at PMT developed the Maestrocore technology, which won Best Business Grand Award and Best Business Gold Award of the Hong Kong ICT Awards, as well as two Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) awards under the ‘New Media & Entertainment’ and ‘Start-up Company’ categories. PMT is the first company in Hong Kong to win two APICTA awards simultaneously, creating a grand achievement for Hong Kong in APICTA history.


In 2012, PMT won the World Summit Awards for Mobile Content in the ‘Media & News’ categories, which was selected out from the 102 listed companies under the United Nations Mandate with over 400 submitted entries.


Promoting format standardization is one of Leonard Chan’s contributions in the digital publishing industry, increasing the level of automation of the industry, and as a result, reduces entry barriers for newcomers of the industry, opening an opportunity for enthusiastic people who possess a talent for creative designing and a vision of long term business success despite receiving less education. Clients and business partners of services by Leonard include Cathay Pacific, Louis Cha, MediaCom, Tencent, Amazon China, Universal Music, etc.