Ming Pao Weekly is now on Handheld Culture

"Ming Pao Weekly" (MPW), one of the most popular leisure and entertainment magazines in Hong Kong, has officially launched on Handheld Culture eBook Store in January, 2015 (http://www.handheldculture.com/search.php?keyword=%E6%98%8E%E5%A0%B1%E9%80%B1%E5%88%8A). For more than 40 years, MPW keeps up with the trend of fashion and the movement of entertainment industry. Besides reporting the hottest celebrity news in a neutral and genuine tone, it also delivers in-depth feature stories covering culture and social related topics such as eco-friendly, urban development, globalization, etc., both the young and elderly can find intriguing contents in it. The electronic version offers a comforting reading experience similar to paper magazine, but more convenient to carry around and share with families.