2011 Hong Kong ICT Awards - Best Business Award

"JM digital publishing" has been the leading e-publishing industry in the mobile market. Its business covers products such as electronic bookstores, entertainment, news services, etc.; also, the "JM Bookstore" that we developed has an operating platform available for both iOS and Android systems, which is able to meet the strict requirements for digital publishing of overseas publishers and content providers.

In "JM Bookstore", we provide improved electronic books ordering functions; a feature that is unique in the world and makes reading more interesting. Related functions includes a search interface that combines a bookstore with bookshelves, management modules for subscribed books, automatic image display, multimedia comic reader, a bookstore concept that collects all kinds of electronic books, as well as seven different types of reading interfaces, and so on.

Also, a number of well-known authors and content publishers have become our partners, including Dr. Louis Cha (Jin Yong), Mr. Ma Wing-Shing, Mr. Du Guowei , Chung Hwa Books Co., Hong Kong China Tourism Press, Red Corporation Limited and Chilli Media Limited etc..

We will to build a digital publishing platform that is world-class, multi-lingual and convergence of different cultures. You can download the "JM Bookstore" to your mobile devices to experience a new generation of fun in electronic reading.

Jury comments
With the standard data formats and media player configuration designs developed by participants, the costs and time required for publishing e-books can be greatly reduced. All traditional books, magazines, comic books can be efficiently introduced in the market through various mobile platforms, and achieving a high cost-effectiveness. In addition, participants are committed to using more attractive interface features on the mobile device, providing readers with new and exciting user experiences.