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With iPad and Android Tablets gaining popularity, the development of mobile e-publishing industry has significantly increased comparing to several years ago. According to sources pointed out by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, over 2,000 e-books are published in 2011, and standing out from the numerous existing e-Book stores is highly challenging. Despite these difficulties, Pulse Mediatech Ltd. (PMT) soon became one of the largest local electronic bookstores by combining their own technology with a large unique content base. Also, PMT successfully won the "Best Ubiquitous Networking Certificate of Merit – Best Smartphone /Tablet PC category" award of the 2011 Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICTA) with its “PMT eComic Reader”, held by the Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA) with the full support of the Government Chief Information Officer.

Dr. Leonard Chan, director and chief executive of Pulse Mediatech Ltd. noted that "JM Bookstore" is the product of the company's cooperation with Ma Wing-Shing, a famous Hong Kong cartoonist, to provide an electronic bookstore with entertainment, news and other content for the masses. It is currently also the only electronic bookstore in Hong Kong to combine electronic books, magazines, and Hong Kong-styled comics in the same platform. He said that the present "JM Bookstore", in addition to "Tianxia" paintings album and genuine Jin Yong martial arts novels, Wong Ying and other novels series are also very popular to audiences; and the sales of Chinese-language magazines are quite ideal in the other overseas markets such as United States, Canada, and Australia etc.

Although entertaining contents are able to attract readers, Pulse Mediatech Ltd. are more focused on working with B2B businesses. They organized their business activities into three categories; the first is to lease their developed systems to publishers; the second is to assist the launching of electronic books for all types of enterprises, such as catalogues of luxury watch manufacturers, building sales brochures and so on. The third business type is the newly added Joy Publish projects which serves as a free self-help book publishing platform for independent writers. The only condition for using Joy Publish is that its contents cannot be charged for money. This innovative and open approach of publishing can attract a much wider range of contents from writers, while giving a taste of the publishing dream for these independent writers, making an environment where everyone is happy.

With the accumulated experiences gained from operating "JM Bookstore", PMT developed "Maestro DPS", a digital publishing platform. Aside from winning the "Best Business Award" of the 2011 Hong Kong ICT Awards with “Maestro DPS”, it also successfully overcame many outstanding technology companies in the region and won the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) under the "New Media & Entertainment” and “Start-up Company" categories. Dr. Leonard Chan refers to the company's award-winning platform as a third- generation system. The platform took nine months to research and develop behind closed doors after obtaining the HKICTA 2011 award, and this technology will be available in a few days. The new system supports a variety of interactive elements including film editing, animations, sounds, and can even be connected to e-mail services, GPS maps etc., or to join into the AR functions. And the most amazing feature is its lightning fast operating speed and ease of use, where a staff with basic computer knowledge only needs to spend half a day to convert 300 magazine issues into an e-book format, and adding different types of multimedia features alongside each page. The application can be operated by iOS, Android and many other platforms, and can be used between mobile phones or tablets. This makes Maestro DPS much easier to use than any other publishing platforms, and its features are also much more comprehensive.

"We are ultimately a profession based on advancing technology, instead of spending time on content management for other people, it would be better to open up a way for them to do it themselves, and the results are always better." He said that in addition to local publishers, the third-generation system has successfully been adopted by the Korea Press, Japanese comic providers and other overseas organizations, winning Hong Kong a better reputation.

In fact, Hong Kong already has a lot of media technology companies like PMT Limited that possesses excellent expertise and a long-term vision of technology development. If your company want their efforts to be recognized by the industry, all companies regardless of company size can participate HKICTA. This year PMT will participate in the mobile publishing category, which can be the jumpstart for the mobile publishing technology companies.
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Caption 1: Electronic version of JM Bookstore’s complete Jin Yong Martial Arts set
Caption 2: Dr. Leonard Chan notes that, successfully obtaining the HKICTA awards provides inspiration for the entire company team, and gaining the confidence from our clients.