Aha!Survey has won an it excellence awards in 2004 and was nominated to compete in apicta

Market research is a tough task, and many methods could be susceptible to inaccuracy and costliness. But thanks to Aha!Survey, an award-winning surveying program developed by our company, we are able to easily target different audiences in order to obtain information for our clients.

Aha!Survey possesses a powerful analysis tool that can quickly process data with just a few clicks of setup, making it an easy yet effective tool to use. The program sports low cost structure, true multi-language support and an expert team to back you up should you need help, Aha!Survey can quickly analyse data collected across many regions of the world to produce reliable information for your marketing functions.

The service can access control to ensure the surveys are only exposed to interview targeted groups of people, and improving user experience and data integrity with little data wastage with our Intelligent Logic System (ILS). Aha!Survey is most suitable for medium to large organizations, and has served various clients in their market researching, including HKTDC, Cathay Pacific, G2000 and Li & Fung.