Foodfinder app

Client: FoodFinder.Today / Magnum Mediatech Limited

Service type:
  Mobile Application Development

Hong Kong is justifiably famous for its diversity of restaurants and cuisines.  PMT developed an app called “FoodFinder” for Hong Kong Startup company FoodFinder.Today to bring this fame to the next level. As opposed to other restaurant reviews apps, which suggest restaurants based on location and cuisine, FoodFinder is a unique dish search engine focused on exploring the restaurants’ signature dishes (正菜).

FoodFinder has a user-friendly interface, allowing users to search for favorite foods, drinks or desserts they want. Every signature dish is presented with high quality photos with introduction. Users can also browse to restaurant page for other signature dishes, and other information such as location, opening hours, contact number, etc. FoodFinder also supports social account login, bookmarks and social sharing, users can bookmark their favorite dishes or restaurants and share with their friends. In addition, FoodFinder will soon invite food bloggers to share their signature dish experiences, which inspiring the foodies to enrich their “must-try list”. FoodFinder is available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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