Meet the Masterminds

Leonard Chan

Director / C.E.O

In his role as the CEO of PMT, Leonard Chan oversees the strategic development and product development with his extensive knowledge in various fields of industrial automation systems, online advertising, as well as mobile digital publishing solutions, combined with remarkable management skills. He built the company from the ground up, providing innovative solutions and utmost quality product to its clients.

S.K Chan

General Manager

As General Manager, S.K brings his unparalleled operational expertise to PMT. He is responsible to manages all financial and administrative aspects of PMT and its subsidiaries while oversees the business development for PMT’s online survey platform Aha!Survey In addition, S.K is responsible for the operation of Handheld Culture ebookstore. S.K is a graduate in Master in Business Administration, and Master of Arts in e-Business.

Terry Fu

Project Director

Terry joined PMT as one of the group’s founding staff in 1999, he is a highly experienced project director and leads PMT’s creative department to provide the trendy styles tailored to fulfill each client's needs and ensure every product delivered to its highest quality. Terry also working effectively on account servicing of PMT’s key clients including Universal Music Hong Kong, Fung Group and many 4A agencies.

Freedy Lam

Chief Developer

With over 10 years of software engineering experience, Freedy has exceptional proficiency across the software service. He is in charge of the software development department where leads the technology initiatives of PMT. Some of the award-winning products lead by Freedy and his team include Aha!Survey, Handheld Culture bookstore and Maestro DPS.

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