Cathay Pacific Airways


Program for Management Development (PMD) of the Li & Fung Group, launched in April 2010, is a global management development program in which talent is recruited and selected from around the world. In the 2010, 2011 and 2012 intakes, the program received over 1,300 applications from over 40 different locations across the globe; and it, without a doubt, is a complicated recruitment process and an immense task to handle the volume of applications with such geographical diversity.

When we spoke to Pulse Mediatech Limited on April 2010 about the development of an on-line application system, they were able to propose and develop a reliable, user-friendly, professional looking and reasonably priced IT solution based on our requirements through their SurveyDNA online survey platform within one month. The service they provided was not just about system programming; the real value of Pulse Mediatech Limited was that they were able to define together with us out system functionality and bring up / clarify potential technical issues that even users like ourselves were not aware of. What surprises me even further was that they were able to design and build system features / functions that we did not specify but were essential and a big help to our system administrators. Things like application number, application status (saved or submitted), file names exported directly from the system and many more other system features – all sounded very trivial but without this specific information readily available in the system, our administrators would require a lot more time sorting out and processing all the applications. The level of professionalism and dedication of Pulse MediaTech Limited is not something that I could say of every IT service provider I have worked with in the past.

Apart from system design and development, Pulse MediaTech Limited’s after-sales service was also exceptional. Often, once a system is launched and closed, the IT service provider considers his job completed. It was not the case for Pulse MediaTech Limited. Every time we came back to them with a specific request after our application deadline, they were always willing to use technology to help us solve the problems to reduce possible hours and hours of administrator’s manual work. Apart from technical knowledge, it also required a lot of innovation and creativity.

In the past 3 intakes, we had had modifications in every intake to fulfil our changing requirements, Pulse MediaTech Limited was always able to come up with suggestions on perfecting our system and making it even better to both the applicants and our administrators’ points of view. That was why we kept working with Pulse MediaTech Limited in the past 3 intakes of PMD recruitment; and I’m sure we will continue to use their service in the upcoming intakes.

Pulse MediaTech Limited have been able to make it possible for us to project a professional image of Li & Fung Group and PMD and recruit candidates from across the globe with a professional looking, user-friendly and reliable on-line application system; and to make our administrators’ lives easier with great system functionality and helpful after-sale service.

I highly recommend Pulse MediaTech Limited to anyone who is looking for innovation, reliable and professional IT services.

Yvonne Lam – Program Controller


Anovation Asia (HK) Ltd is an independent market research group which conducts different types of consumer and business-to-business research projects on behalf of different types of client companies and organizations in the region.

We started working with Pulse Mediatech since 2007 when we required an IT partner who can help us with online survey platform and programming, an area which not many companies are capable of, at that time.

It was great learning experience working with Pulse Mediatech. We are one of the few independent research groups who started working with online methodologies, and have had very positive experiences working with Pulse, who demonstrated professionalism in every sense of the world.

Pulse’s dedicated programming team, which we are still working with now, showed enthusiasm and initiatives in asking all the pertinent questions, signifying their eagerness to make the project success as much as we ourselves do. They have not only done their job well but have actually helped us do a better job, in the entire re-thinking and refining process.

Pulse’s team has also been very responsive to our queries to technical and non technical matters, which is critical in the marketing communications industry, and has made our job easier. They are capable and willing to go the extra mile to propose technical solutions that can unravel some of the intricacies in the overall questionnaire design, which we treasure very much.

We could have been a heavy user of Survey Monkey or equivalent automated online system, were it not for Pulse’s capability and flexibility in meeting the programming requirements of a questionnaire which sometimes embodies complicated logic, without us consciously knowing. And we are grateful for their support all through these years (we are still working with them now).

We would recommend Pulse to anyone who needs help in that area, or simply put, in any IT arena, without hesitation.

Kenrick Leung - Managing Director

Universal Music Limited

We have been working with the team at Pulse Mediatech Limited (PMT) since 2001. Over the years, PMT developed several generations of the Universal Music Hong Kong portal, and built over a 1000 album promotion websites and counting.

PMT has proved their excellence by delivering the utmost quality in its work, on time, even under tight schedule common in the entertainment industry. With our satisfaction of their work, we have extended our partnership with PMT to mobile application and eCommerce portal in recent years.

I am exceptionally thankful with this long-time partnership and am pleased to continue working together with this wonderful team.

Juno Tong - Financial Controller


PMT seems to work around the clock and are always available to help with all kinds of problems. Excellent service!

Ida Hemmingsson - Global Marking Director

Milton Exhibits

I take pleasure to write and thank you for the excellent services offered by your staff, in especially to Terry Fu, for the QR site project for Milton Exhibits Group.

Kindly convey our appreciation to your staff and we look forward to other co-operation in the future.

Eva Lam

Director – Corporate Development