our web applications make webpages responsive to multiple devices at once

In today's market, customers carry many types of devices for web browsing with them, some people even carry multiple devices at the same time. But web interfaces are not always made to accommodate all of these devices at once.

Our main goal here at PMT is to create an attractive and user-friendly web experience for users to learn more about a company, as such, we integrate web applications to enhance the wholeness in websites we make while keeping the most information.


One of our proud web applications include the Flexi-framework, an integration in webpages that makes it responsive to the devices it is viewed in, allowing webpages to be viewed on devices of any size by changing the layout of article columns.


Another available option for web applications is the MVCMS platform, a reliable and use friendly open source content management software (CMS) that allows clients to edit content in their own webpages. You can quickly add or update the latest informations such as pictures and links to your liking, or handling content such as web postings and management contacts, all for just a monthly fee of maintenance.

Businesses that uses our web applications in their webpages include Standard Charter, Universal Music Hong Kong, and Cathay Pacific.